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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Interview Questions for a Recruiter

Q. What is Recruiting, Explain Briefly the Recruitment Life Cycle?
Q. What are the various Tax Terms in Us recruiting? Could you explain them?
Q. Who is a client?

Q. Who is a vendor?

Q. What is Work Authorization; define Various Visa Statuses available in US
Q. What are the most important points that a recruiter should keep in mind:

Q. How important is knowing various Technologies in IT, and how is it going to help in Recruiting?

Q. How can the recruitment be done without the help of a vendor? If the vendor is involved than what are the risks associated?
Q. Why most of the reputed companies do not consider or avoid C2C people while marketing recruitment?

Q. What are the important points that you follow to judge the quality of a candidate?

Q. What is a Background check and why it is done?

Q. What are the steps that you take to source a candidate if you don’t find in the Job Portals?

Q. List various Job portals you are familiar with?

Q. Explain the Resume Screening Process on any of the Job Portal you wish?

Q. What is required to become a good recruiter? What made you to opt for Technical Recruiting?


vidya sagar said...

What about the Answers Buddy ?

Imran alam said...

wat abt the answers ..??? without answs y posting questions unnecessary ..???

Praveen Gandi said...

See The Title.. Its Only Interview Question.. If you can see this page on web.. You can browse for answers in web... Try To do some work friends.. don't simply expect everything to be done & you enjoy the fruit..

Anonymous said...

where are the answers dude..if you wanna do something do it 100% ..otherwise dont do it for fuck sake...

Anonymous said...

Answers varies from person to person. They can not be generic. Looks as if someone should answer on behalf of you. Shame on you to use this kind of language here in a public forum.

Anonymous said...

Ananymous i agree with u at ope point that is answers varies from person to try to get the answers from different sources and make an analysis so that we can give multiple answers to a typical question.y bcoz recruiters should not stick to one answer.

Nehal said...

Thanks for all the awesome postings.

sudheer said...

What are the various Tax Terms in Us recruiting? Could you explain them?

A W2 hire by a company is a direct permanent hire and W2 refers to the IT form that is filled out by the company and handed over to the employee when its time to file the taxes for the year.

A 1099 is also a an IT form like the W2 that is used by direct contractors - ie not by those who are going thru' consulting companies. The 1099 is given to the direct contractor by the company that uses his or her services.

C2C is basically the sub-contractor format of hire where a comp routes the hire thru' a consulting company and a retainer or a certain amount of money, often called the "contracted amt" , is given by the company to the consulting company. The consulting company would be paying its employee who works for the company, an amount after deducting taxes,its rate of profit for the contract and any other legal charges. Essentially, the employee is an employee of the consulting comp and he or she will get a W2 from the consulting company.

Anonymous said...

great info.

However i have a question sudheer or anyone who can answer.

Let's say the end client 'A' rate is 90 $.
And the consulting company gets the amount from A after the tax deductions around $ 83.
And then the consulting company B offers the consultant let's say 'c' an amount of $ 75.

Then the consultant who will be paid $ 75 is tax free.
Still the consultant have to pay the taxes on what he got paid.

If he has to pay, then amount which is paid by the end client A has already paid for the tax because it is giving the reduced amount to the consultancy.

I am really confused....

And .

If anyone knows the actual process that would be of great help .


viral doshi said...


viral doshi said...

the previous post is mine and someone wants to share more information you can add me to your circles and send the details .
That would be of great help.

Anil naidu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anil naidu said...

Can anyone know and answer those questions..?

rahul nambier said...

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Avinash Kurri said...

Do we get any books in the market for US IT recruiting

Richardson Gollapalli said...

All the questions we will get form google is the best way to get the answers in different ways so that ppl will go inn deep the process.

devinkumar392 said...

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Anonymous said...

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sindhukk said...

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Mridul Sharma said...

Thanks a lot dear for such wonderful study material you have given us all for free. I've studied these questions for my upcoming job interview. Hoping for some similar questions from the recruiter's interview panel. WBSSC Result is also being awiated by me for SLST Recruitment as I had applied for the assistant teachers posts advertised by WBSSC in West Bengal.

shoaib quadri said...

Good questions, i really appreciate.
but you guys have to find out the answers, its not a spoon feeding.
Only sitting idle and eating a fruit is not a big deal. Hope you guys understood.

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Anonymous said...
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Vinita Solanki said...

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Vikash Sharma said...

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Ankit Shukla said...

I want answer of all question please

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