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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Technologies Every Recruiter Must Know

Web Technologies – Java

Java, EJB, RMI, Swing, CORBA, Serve lets, JSP, JDBC, Core Java, Struts framework, Web sphere, Web logic, HTML, XML, Java script, J2EE, J2ME, DOT NET, framework, LDAP, Internet Security, JVM, Pjava, MIPS, Tibco, Board Design, Ematrix, XSL, XSLT

Web Technologies – Microsoft



Win runner, Load runner, Telecom Testing, White box testing, AIX testing ‘ Test cases, Test director, Test Suite, Silk Test, Mercury Testing, rational Robo,


Professionals with knowledge of ISO9000, SEICMM

Systems Software

C/C++ on Unix/Linux, DSP, Chip level designing, Unix kernel architecture, file system, memory management,RTOS,L2 support etc

Client Server

VB, VC++, COM, DCOM with RDBMS – Oracle, SQL, Sybase

Embedded Systems

RTOS, C on UNIX, Networking, Vx works, design and code reviews, QNX, Net kernel, Psos, IRMK, Firmware, BIOS, Assembly, MPEG DVD, MP3, JPEG, Set Top Box, DVB, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, ADA, AVIONICS, D0178B, Industrial Automation,


IBM Mainframe, AS/400, 0s/390, z/OS, OS/400,VAX/VMS’Mainframe, COBOL, CICS, MVS, DB2, IDMSX, IMS, Tandem, Natural ADABAS, Xpeditor, RPG, JCL and VSAM


Networking S/W, UNIX System Admin., Windows NT Admin, TCP/IP, SPX, X25, Network Management – SNMP, CMIP, NMS, LAN/WAN, ATM, MPLS, FR, ISDN, Routing Protocols – BGP OSPF, RTP, RIP, IPV6, SONET, SDH


ERP and SAP Implementations of all modules, SAP-SD/MM/PP, FICO, ABAP4, Basis, People Soft-HRM, finance Module, BAN, Oracle Manufacturing, CRM-Siebel /Clarify


Switching, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, 3G, Layer-C, RLC, RRC, NodeB, DSP, TDMA, CDMA, WAP, SS7, ATM. FR, VOIP-SIGTRAN, MGCP, MEGACO, SIP, H.323, 245, TMN, Signalling, Bluetooth, GPS, Home Networking-JINI, HAVI.


Device Drivers, X-Motif, Linux, Linux, /NT/VMS, Internalls, kernels, TCL/TK, Multithreading, Socket programming, Storage Device (Iscsi, SCSI, SAN, Veritas, Volume Manager, RAID, Fiber Channel, NAS)


DCOM, ATL, OOAD, XML, WDM, Vxd, WinSDK, WINCE, Palm OS, EPOC, WIN 32, API, Device Drivers, X-Windows, Direct X, Active X, NET, C#.


ASIC, VLSI, FPGA, Verilog, VHDL, XiLINK, Physical Design, CMOS, Design, IC Design, Place & Route, Synthesis, EDA Tools, FPGA Design, Board Design, PCB Design, Circuit Design, Mixed Signal, Analog Design


Oracle 8i, 11i, Oracle DBA, SQL-DBA, PB, Delphi, Data Modeling, Data warehousing – OLAP, ROLAP, Oracle DBA, VB, ASP, COM, DCOM, NET, C#, Oracle , PL/SQL, Pro*C, D2K


CAD, CAE, CAM, Catia V4,V5, Pro-E, Uni graphics, Hyper mesh, IDEAS, NASTRAN, ANSYS, Auto cad Tools


SQA, Quality, Testing / Implementation, Level 4 / Level 5 / ISO / Six Sigma / Technical writers, architects , Lotus Notes, System Administrator, System Administrator, UNIX / LINUX, SUN SOLARIS


Siva Kumar Reddy said...

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nipasarker said...

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Anonymous said...

Then what is PHP it is web design or web developement

Nehal said...

Wow very informative posts. Keep up the good work. All the best for your tedious efforts.

Anonymous said...

Something like flow chart for the following.

language(types of languages) -- application -- libraries -- framework -- servers -- tools

All the software related stages in a flow chart if possible.

I am starting my career as a IT recuiter. And, i would like to understand the basics of it.
like programming language vs libraries vs framework vs tools vs application . it will be
helpful if it being explained in a flow chart way . so that i can understand where it and
how are they related to each other. Also it would be of great if there are relavant
examples. especially examples that could be understood by a lay man or someone from
non IT background

I have done research, however i am confused with what is related to what in which way. what is the required to develop what ?

Please help me relate things this would be greatly appreciated.
And i do understand that this big to be answered takes lot of time (may be)

Hence simple flowchart what is related to what in which way will do .

i will do the home work.

Thank You...

sapvenkat said...

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Philip Hayden said...
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