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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Business Analyst(BA) Questionnaire

 Interview Questions for Business Analyst (BA) Consultants

1.       Who is accountable when you manage a project? 
2.       What technologies and business area’s have you interfaced with?

3.       How do you get an understanding of the technology so you can effectively manage a project?
4.       What size projects have you managed directly?  (Hours / Dollars/Resources/Duration).
5.       What number of projects simultaneously have you worked on?  What was your role in each? 
6.       Have you worked in an onshore – offshore delivery model?  If yes, please describe the engagement structure and your specific role. 
7.       How have you measured project success in the past?   

8.       What number of projects have completed on time and on budget?  What were the top 2 lessons learned from projects that did not come in on time or on budget? 

9.       How do you plan/arrive at your budget? 
10.    How have you dealt with scope changes? 
11.    How have you dealt with risk management? 
12.    Give an example of a time when you had to escalate an issue to the customer?  
13.    What was your role in the creation of SOW’s, contracts, proposals? What are the key areas covered in SOWs? 

14.    What is the difference between issue and risk? 

15.    What tools have you used to manage various aspects of a project?(e.g. Planning, Resource Utilization, Tracking, etc). 

16.    How do you create & maintain the project plan for projects with multiple dependencies from start to completion? 
17.    How frequently do you manage project burn (Planned vs Actual)? 

18.    By phase/step, please list out the top two deliverables/artifacts in the SDLC and what your hands-on involvement with them were.
19.    MS Project related questions:  
  • Describe the difference between Duration and Work; which one do you find for valuable for fixed-cost projects? 
  • In a fixed cost environment, what is the “task type” you would use in MS Project?
  • Is % complete a useful metric?
  • How could you easily, in as few steps as possible, reschedule incomplete work, using the options available in MS Project? 
  • How do you manage resource utilization/allocation using MS-project?  
20.    Please describe the last three projects you have personally managed using the following criteria:

  • Name of Project:
  • Budget of Project: 
  • Size of project team:
  • Duration of Project:
  • Man Hours (Work) of Project:
  • What was the unique product, service, or result of the project?
  • What technology, if any, was utilized? 
  • Was the project environment functional, matrix, or projectized?
  • Did the project finish on time?  On Budget?  Satisfy Requirements?
  • What were the major issues in the project? 
  • What aspect of your leadership assisted the project to complete successfully? 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sample Rate Conformation Mail Format

Hi Peter

It was nice talking to you.

As per our discussion the rate has to be finalized for your consultant (Consultant Name here)  for SQL Server DBA  position located at  East Hanover, NJ is $90/hr On Corp-Corp Basis (All inclusive). Please send me a confirmation mail to confirm the rate.


Sample Format of Requirement

Please let me know if you are available for the below requirement.

Job Title:
Oracle Developer 
Primary Skills:
Oracle Developer
Secondary Skills:

6 months
Colorado Springs, CO
Oracle Developer
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Length: 6 months
Interview: Phone

Position Responsibilities:
Application development and support for internally developed financial system. Documentation/System Analyst for new development projects to meet business requirement changes.
Position may require extended hours during peak processing periods.

Required Skills & Experience:
Oracle 10 and above
Data Warehousing/star schema 5 years experience
Oracle database development & performance tuning (8 yrs)
PL SQL development & performance tuning (8 yrs)
Oracle ELT methodology experience
UNIX shell scripting experience (5 yrs)
Communications skills; ability to convert business problem into a technical solution

Desired Skills & Experience
Financial systems background
Reporting experience, Hyperion preferred
Process documentation

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