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Monday, September 26, 2016

Questions To Ask Interviewer

1)  Mr. / Mrs. Interviewer, so I can put what you are telling me in perspective could you share with me a little about your background?
How long have you been with ABC Co.?
What has kept you challenged and happy for that period of time?
What was it that attracted you to ABC Co.?
Have there been any surprises positive or negative?

2)  What characteristics do you feel are most important to succeed in this role and at XYZ co. in general?

3)  What do you feel are the most and least desirable aspects of this opportunity?

4)  What activities could I expect to spend the majority of my time on during a typical day or week?

5)  What is the most important responsibility of this position?

6)  What individuals could someone in this opportunity expect to interact with?

7)  Are there any problem areas that I could come in and make significant improvements to immediately?

8)  Obviously this opportunity entails a lot of initials challenges.  Assuming I were able to come in and be successful with the initial challenges, down the road what do you see as potential future challenges or opportunities?

9)  Is there anything I can expand on or anything else I can tell you about myself that would be helpful?

10)  Has anything come up during our conversation that makes you question my ability to be successful in this opportunity?

11)  How do these individuals that we will interact with outside of the Finance and Accounting area view our group?

12)  Assuming that I start on Monday, what is my first mission critical task?


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